R12 Upgrade

Oracle thrives to improve their applications to provide best features for their customers to grow their business and profits.

Upgrading to Oracle EBS R12 once was a matter of choice and with the announcement from Oracle that they would stop supporting the older versions has prickled most of the users. With this most of the Oracle EBS users have started upgrading process at the same time to cut their cost in this process.

Orabase has created a roadmap for the R12 Upgrade which will reduce your pain points in this process and lower your cost for upgrade.

In addition to giving you the agility to choose the Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Upgrade option that's right for you, partnering with Orabase also gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your Oracle R12 Upgrade will finish on-time and on-budget. All of our service options are designed to avoid critical interruptions and minimize downtime, maintaining continuity as you migrate your ERP solution to a new platform.

Orabase can help you in three ways for the R12 Upgrade:

Technical Upgrade: Orabase can upgrade your existing environment to Oracle R12
Functional Upgrade: Orabase can change your functional processes to suite the latest R12 features as per your business demand.
Full Rollout: Orabase can help you to upgrade and transform to latest R12 to get the most out of your investment.

Corporations needing an Oracle R12 Upgrade can count on Orabase R12 Upgrade Services. With Orabase Frameworks & Accelerator we can assure you the cost of upgrade is always lesser than other providers. Orabase Oracle R12 Upgrade Services are available on packaged price, fixed price, time & material basis and resource model.